Primacy Group specializes in sourcing, importation, warehousing and distribution of products of mass consumption in the most complex of jurisdictions in East Africa.

The group is a market leader in several product lines, supported by robust infrastructure and well managed supply chain systems.

The group is reputed for integrity and ethics in its transactions with principals and suppliers world wide – Primacy Group has enjoyed mutually rewarding relationships over the past seven decades.

Through economies of scale achieved on sourcing, Primacy Group follows a policy of fair pricing and sustained customer retention. For reasons of stability and quality, Primacy Group strictly associates only with suppliers of global standing and reputation.

Primacy Groups product lines in Commodities include Rice, Grains, Sugar, Edible Oil, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Steel, Building Materials, Construction Equipment, and a wide variety of other products of mass consumption.

Rice "Focusing on quality and fair pricing"

Primacy Group has achieved a market leadership position in rice through a longer-term strategy of gaining customer loyalty for its brands by focusing on quality and fair pricing.

Primacy Group introduced a pioneering concept of packaging essential food items into a multi brand package in a generic market where rice was predominantly just sold as "rice". Primacy Group’s rice is identified as one of the leading consumer brands in the country.

Primacy Group sources rice from Thailand, India, Vietnam, Brazil and USA from world leading suppliers and has a strict regime of quality control.

Primacy Group's success on rice has resulted in its logical backward integration into Rice Milling and Farming in East Africa in association with global leaders in rice technology and production.
Edible Oil "The highest industry standards"

Primacy Group sources edible oil from Malaysia and Indonesia for distribution from world leaders in the industry to needy markets in East Africa.

Primacy Group has its storage locations at strategic areas that are maitained to the highest industry standards. The products are distributed in bottles and jerry cans at the most competitive prices.

Chemicals & Fertilizers "We ensure stability and quality"

Primacy Group manages an extensive distribution network, selling fertilizers. With East Africa striving to achieve self-sufficiency in food, the timely and adequate availability of fertilizers has become a critical factor.

Primacy Group has tied up with global players for distribution of fertilizers and chemicals to ensure stability and quality and thereby achieve a good market share.

The group deals with chemicals like soda ash, caustic soda and water treatment chemicals often for onward trading with smaller traders within the markets - as well as to industrial end users whose requirements would not justify direct imports.Primacy Group’s objectives in fertilizer business align with those of the local governments in aiming to enhance activities in agricultural development.

Building Materials & Other Products "Wide range of products"

Primacy Group operates a separate division to manage its building materials and other products, Sensing the significant developments that were imminent in infrastructure and construction areas.

The range includes Glass, iron rods, deformed bars, water proofing materials, roofing felts, generators, diesel engines and pumps, water heaters, sanitary wares, furniture, inverters and other products.

These products are sourced from Europe, China, Italy, Saudi Arabia, India and other parts of the world.

Primacy Group also deals in automobile spare parts and engine oil.