Infrastructure Development

A major percentage of the Indian economy is dependent on agriculture, millions of farmers from diverse climatic regions rely on monsoons for their daily sustenance, during times of inadequate rainfall and dry spells people are adversely affected by conditions of drought and famine.

On the other hand, there are regions that are frequently affected by floods, In such a situation, irrigation projects play an important role in diverting the excess waters to the dry lands hence bringing balanced regional development.

It’s a stark reality that less than half of the farm lands in India have access to irrigation facilities, to counter this problem, the Indian government has recently decided to put many irrigation projects on fast track. The government also wants to ensure that the projects under operation are used to their fullest capacities.

Primacy Group of Companies are actively involved in the rural infrastructure development for engineering and construction of Bridges, Agriculture projects, Irrigation Projects, CCT Projects, Canals Projects, Roads etc.