PRIMACY Group is a 67 years-old business enterprise that has grown from its modest start in East Africa into a fledgling multi-business enterprise, today PRIMACY Group has a multinational presence involved in Commodities, Agri-business, Food, Industries, Engineering, Infra Development, Shipping, Logistics and other Services.

PRIMACY Group’s approach to business has been highly consumer oriented, delivering the best quality product at the most economic pricing. Sensing the growing demand for quality products, group invested heavily in infrastructure comprising Warehousing, Cold Storage, Factories, Logistics equipment, etc. The group established a stable infrastructure that supported optimal distribution of products at the most economic terms to its customers.

"Spanning Affiliations with Domains of Cosmos"

Our Vision

“To be World’s leading company through pioneering global best practices and playing an integral role in achieving some of the developing countries unlimited potential”

Our Values

Primacy Group has adopted and implemented certain values across its organization that is followed steadfastly:

  • Be customer centric
  • Strictly adhere to ethical and moral values
  • Be proactive to business needs
  • Nurture a spirit of dynamism across the organization

Primacy Group has adopted a code of ethics for its executives and employees, which is aimed at promoting honest and ethical behavior and ensures compliance with laws and regulations. Primacy Group has stringent internal practices in place to ensure that the group's various companies operate as good corporate citizens in the respective jurisdictions.

Our Founder

Primacy Group is a privately-owned business Founded in 1950 by late Mr.Manilal Damodar Mandalia, it is now promoted and spearheaded by Mr. A.V. Mandalia, Group Chairman and the worldwide team. The organization is professionally managed, with a multi-skilled and experienced management and workforce.
Primacy Groups executives work in a positive and motivating environment, with defined responsibilities and commensurate empowerment. The group thrives in an entrepreneurial culture of pro activeness, dynamism, objectivity, responsiveness and loyalty.

Primacy Groups business verticals are managed by highly experienced senior executives who are ably supported by teams of managers and staff with relevant industry experience.
Primacy Group has implemented best practices on corporate governance and compliance, facilitating its orderly expansion across multiple countries.

Mr. Manilal Damodar Mandalia

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