Chairman's Profile

A.Vinaykant is the Group Chairman of Primacy Group of Companies; a large Multi-business enterprise with diversified interests in Asia, Middle East and Africa. He was born in Zanzibar,Tanzania on 13th November 1960, grew up in Tanzania and London, and was educated in London. His father, Sr.Vinaykant, was a successful trader in Tanzania and India. A Graduate in Commerce and Accounting from the UK, A.Vinaykant has enjoyed demonstrable entrepreneurial success, operating at an international level for more than four decades.

A renowned business leader with a primary focus on Africa, Asia and Europe A.Vinaykant built a fledgling business enterprise after deciding to pursue business soon after his graduation. Since then, he has been instrumental in promoting a diversified enterprise encompassing large-scale businesses. As the Chairman of Primacy Group of Companies, he spearheads the sustained development of a highly reputed organization in the most complex markets operating multiple business lines. The summation of his efforts led to the rapid evolvement of a substantial business enterprise. Our focus is now heavily oriented towards building large-scale local industries in Africa, deploying most recent technologies and collaborating with renowned international companies.

Over the years, A.Vinaykant developed relationships with international companies and institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA, resulting in the exponential growth of the businesses. His long-standing reputation with globally acclaimed suppliers and principals has been critical to the group’s sustained growth over the years. The group is also associated with several multinational banks and regional financial institutions. In his current initiative, he is driving Primacy Group into consolidating its prominent presence in Sub-Saharan markets, in addition to implementing diversification initiatives into the Middle Eastern markets. The focus areas include Agriculture, Heavy Industries, Engineering, Infrastructure, Mining and Services. His stated vision is to lead the group into becoming a pre-eminent global enterprise, leveraging on the immense potential that Africa represents. A.Vinaykant has residencies in Tanzania, India, London he lives with his family.